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Mandy Gibbons

Jamie is one of the most incredible, loving and talented coaches I’ve had the pleasure to be coached by. I say that from the bottom of my heart. I was recommended to Jamie by a colleague while I was going through a challenging time of trauma and grief. Jamie powerfully coached me to bring back my fire, to re-discover the epic Goddess in me, to fall in love and stand in my own power with my intuition again, while creating this massive transformation of myself, an up-rising from the ashes, so to speak.

I often refer to her as an angel sent from heaven. I will be forever grateful to Jamie.

Mandy Gibbons

Mind and Transition Transformation Coach for Soul Driven Resourceful Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Visionary Leaders and Changemakers… Mandy’s renowned for her unique “Lead with Love”, down-to-earth, compassionate, (funny as hell humour) raising the bar powerful coaching … 

Worked with Jamie: Private Coaching

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Karin Solumsmoen

Your business breakthrough - Take off in 2017 was my first meeting with Archetypes.

I had read about them, but never found out which my archetypes were for business. With this tool, it was both fun and inspirational to dive into my business. Because that's exactly what happens in this course, you have to dig deep in yourself. Jamie has an incredible ability to ask questions I have never asked myself, which is why I kept moving and improving.

I have been working as a therapist for over 20 years and have many different kinds of treatments. Workig with Jamie, I became much more aware of who I want to work with - my dream customer! In the modules, this progresses through branding, signature system, visibility, pricing and packages. I am much more aware today of what and how I want in my business in the future. This is a course I would highly recommend - take action and sign up!

Worked with Jamie: Sacred Money Archetypes, Business Breakthrough and Course for Empaths, MomentumInsider, Jamie's membership beta version]

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Mari Løken Rognerud

Mari Løken Rognerud

I have worked with Jamie since the very start. 
My first meeting with the Archetypes was Jamie's first online workshop in 2014.

Working with Jamie, I have stepped into my power big time. I know now that I am a strong, courageous and independent woman who can fix most things myself. I am no longer dependent on anybody to care for me financially. Right now I just started working in my dream job. With my new confidence, I know I can handle a leading position with ease and grace.

I have raised my vibration and used my new won power to do things I never dreamed of. I have completely changed my life on absolutely all major areas.

Three Personal Archetype courses, course for Empaths and Branding with Archetypes
I am building a brand new business using Jamie's method and my Branding Archetypes
Right now: MomentumInsider [Jamie's membership beta version]